FESTERING started out in mid '92 in Santo António dos Cavaleiros, Portugal. It was put together as a side project by Koja (bass & vocals), Paulo Rodrigues (guitar & vocals) and Zé-Tó (drums & vocals), all members of EXTREME UNCTION. After some time composing and rehearsing some material, they released a split tape with MORBID SYMPHONY containing the song "Proliferation of Infected Leucocytes". The musical style was Gore/Grind, heavily influenced by CARCASS.

The project had to be put aside due to EXTREME UNCTION's heavy schedule but was something that the members wanted to pick up again. Unfortunately, both Paulo and Zé-Tó disappeared from the music scene, leaving FESTERING orphaned. Fortunately, Pedro Gonçalves (vocals - also ex-EXTREME UNCTION, long time friend and vocalist of other common projects) teamed up with Koja and convinced him to wait for the right moment to restart the band, while they both worked on new material. It wasn't until 2011 that the stars finally aligned and João Galego (Guitars) - guess what? Also an ex-member of EXTREME UNCTION! - joined the fold and together they work in new songs in a musical style closer to Death Metal bands like ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, DEATH, BOLT THROWER, etc. but keeping the old influences as well.

In early 2012 a new member, Norberto (AKA: Beto) Arrais (drums) from FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, has joined the ranks. With this lineup the band recorded a demo-tape “From the grave ”and an 7’’ EP “Exhumed” by War Productions. Unfortunately, after the release of these works, the guitarist João has left the band.

In 2015 we released the first CD, “From the grave”, containing the songs of the Demo, the EP plus a bonus track. With a new mixing and mastering of the songs. In conspiracy with: War Productions, Sinais Produções and Caverna Abismal Records.

In 2016, we completed the lineup with two new musicians, Diogo on lead guitar and Daniel on rhythm guitar. Now FESTERING are: Pedro (vocals); Diogo (lead guitar); Daniel (rhythm guitar) and Beto (drums).

In addition, the band is working and recording 10 new songs, for a possible full-length in the near future.